Universal Feed Mill Corporation or Unifeeds is a company engaged in the manufacturing of hog and poultry feeds. It's products include the famous Nutri-gro and Pit Fighter Sabong Feeds. These and other labels are directly marketed and distributed by it's sister company called JM Poultry and Livestock Supply (Cebu), Inc.

Unifeeds establishment can be described as a spill-over effect of JM's success in the local agrivet scene. Started in 1984 by Dr. Avelino and Elenita De Manuel (a veterinarian and animal nutritionist couple), JM was engaged into selling branded feeds and veterinary products, with customer base made up largely of backyard raisers.

Cognizant of the importance of feed specification, JM provided solutions to both seasoned and amateur raisers by venturing into manual mixing of animal feeds and ingredients. It is critically important for animals, hogs and chicken alike, to get the right nutrients according to age, yet, sadly, no feed miller during that time was even able to sustain manufacturing pre-starter rations. The backyard raisers hung in balance.

Through initiative and eagerness to help the backyard raisers, JM mixed it's own feeds to match their livestock needs even by crude way of using shovels. As a result, the ingenuity had earned a remarkable pay-off.

Volume orders for the brand-less feeds continue to soar high, and within another two years, the demand had doubled. With this, the owners were left with no other choice but to expand operations by acquiring huge vertical mixers and hammer mills. These equipments are capable of producing 5,000 bags per month---a little more than adequate to supply the ever growing base of JM customers.

Along trading, JM also incorporated seminars and educations campaigns in it's expansion programs. This led to a horde of knowledgeable customers patronizing JM's merchandise. Production volume increased steadily and JM soon become a big player in the industry, big enough that if operations halt, would surely starve a slew of livestock in Cebu's backyards.

But it was not JM that halted operations when the typhoon Rufing hit Cebu during the early 90's. The damage wrought by Rufing to Mactan Bridge, unfortunately, took it's toll to one leading feed millers deliveries thereby squeezing the supply of feeds for weeks. JM earned another batch of converts in the process, while the owner's decision to set up a plant of their own ripened. Universal Feed Mill Corporation is thus created to manufacture commensurate volumes of branded feeds for JM and it's chain dealers.

In 1992, Unifeeds turbines and machineries began to hum and had spewed-out 2,000 bags of mashed, crumble and pelletized feeds every day. JM dealers and distributors are likewise growing in numbers to dish out the feeds even unto the remotest places one could get in the Visayas and Mindanao areas.

Today, JM and Unifeeds continue to grow as an organization. JM has more than 40 branches serving VisMin areas while Unifeeds had added several product lines, not to mention the AI facility, a laboratory, a Europe-made machineries, a gigantic storage silos that were added to it's arsenal. From 2,000 bags per day, Unifeeds is now capable of producing 3,200 bags per shift in it's hectare site located in Canduman, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.

This remarkable growth became realize not only because of the symbiotic relationship between Unifeeds and JM but also of the synergistic tandem of Dr. Avelino and Mrs. De Manuel. The right mix not only in animal feeds but also of the staff and employees. One thing cannot be missed, of course, is the eagerness to evolve a tapestry of mutually beneficial partnership between Unifeeds-JM and the backyard raisers that practically made everything possible.


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